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How Pug Sunday Novato Came to Be
By Yogi

Hi, my name is Yogi. My mom and I go every morning to a local coffee shop, you know the type where everyone knows your name. Well, this one particular morning I met a new friend named Reed. He looked just like me, well, maybe around the face, the rest of his body is a beige color.

Anyway, my mom and Reed's mom started talking about getting together and letting us play together someday. Before the coffee cups were empty, they had set a date and time for Pug Play. Then, they thought some more and decided to go ahead and make flyers inviting all Pugs to come and play with us. Thus, Pug Sunday Novato was born.

In one week's time, the news spread like wild fire. The flyers were everywhere. Even the local newspapers became interested. My mom called my Vet's office and a nice girl named Tina made calls to all the Pug owners. Reed's mom also made calls to their Vet and their kennel.

Pug Sunday Novato, April 18th, arrived with pouring down rain. My mom had brought 12 black colored balloons with milk bones tied to each end and Reed's mom had brought 12 beige colored balloons also with treats tied, but the rain made the balloons sag and the treats became soft. My mom and Reed's mom were sad, but one by one, twelve brave little Pugs appeared through the rain. Pug Sunday Novato would not be rained out!

Yes! The Pugs were here and now we could play! Pugs don't care if it is raining, all we want to do is play and run. So off we went, playing and running for the next hour and a half. All our owners were soaked, but each one wore a smile as big as Texas! Pug Sunday Novato was a success. The local newspaper came out and took photographs of us and the very next day we were on the front page of the paper.

Everyone cannot wait until our next get together. My mom tells me that the response has been big and we should double in size next month. Wow, I am sure glad I met my friend Reed.


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