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Is the Pug Snuggly® By YOGI only available online?
Yes, The Pug Snuggly® By YOGI has its extensive and up-to-date selection of pug coats and accessories available to order online.

How do I care for my Pug Snuggly® By YOGI?

Most Pug Snuggly's are machine washable and may be placed in your dryer on low heat to ensure the long life of your Pug Snuggly's By YOGI®. For best results use non detergent soap, such as Woolite. Cold wash and air dry.

Is the Pug Snuggly® By YOGI reversible?

The Pug Snuggly may be turned inside out if so desired. The drawback is that the Velcro closure would be on the inside, instead of the outside. The Pug Snuggly® By YOGI label and size tag would be on the outside.

Do you make a Pug Snuggly® By YOGI for petite and larger pugs?

We offer three standard sizes designed specifically to accommodate the pug figure: small, medium and large. For more petite or "extra large" pugs who require custom sizing there is an additional cost. To order a custom size, see Custom Sizing on the Special Order Items page.

For special size requirements, please email us at info@pugsnuggly.com so we may further discuss your needs.

Why does my Velcro closure fail to hold close anymore?

When the Velcro seems to "pop" open, it is time to be cleaned out. A regular check will avoid this from occurring. If this doesn't fix the problem, please email us at info@pugsnuggly.com to arrange replacement of the Velcro strips.

How do I use my harness with a Pug Snuggly® By YOGI?

The harness may be worn over the Pug Snuggly® By YOGI. If you own a sense-ible harness, which requires the lead to hook in front, the harness is to be worn under the jacket.

What if my pug doesn't like the Pug Snuggly® By YOGI?

We are so confident that you all will love this Pug Snuggly® By YOGI that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our product.


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