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Photo Gallery ~ 2005

Emma and Bennet from South Dakota

Gilroy from Las Vegas in Red Paws

Enzo from Ohio dashing in Pug-Up

Hippo ready for San Francisco
weather in Sun-Shiney Day Hoodie

Joey from Mission Viejo in Santa Paws

Pugsley & Daisy McFarland of New York

Jackie from New York wearing Red Bones

Barney in Camo from Kentucky

Wilson from Berkeley wearing
Madame Butterfly

Lucy-Loo from Georgia
wearing Red Bones

Handsome Humphrey
from Pennsylvania in Pug Up

Sweet Portia from
Maryland cozy in Red Bones

Portia styling in Priscilla in Pleather

Little Lulu from South
Carolina in Baby Aloha

Bull from Alaska sporting
Tobacco Leopard

Toby in Pug Snuggly X-Treme
of San Francisco

"Looking good" at the Pug
Fashion Show Elegante

Adventure Camo and the
ever popular Pug-Up

S.F Baby Pug in her little Pitter-Patter

A new friend from Pug-tacular
wearing Red Paws

Reed from San Diego in Red Bones

Harry of San Francisco says
"Aloha" in his Hawaii Blues

Portia of Maryland in her Pug Up

Puglet with Scimitry from Kansas
helped spark the idea for
the Pug Snuggly X-Treme

We would love to see more of your fabulous photos,
so please send us your favorite picture!

Please send to info@pugsnuggly.com.

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