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Photo Gallery ~ 2006

2006 comes to an end.
Mortimer of Colorado says Good-bye!!!

Six lucky pugs — Ellie Mae, Sammy, Iceman,
Rodney, Merry and Buffy from Palos Verdes Estates California.

Yogi in his Holiday Tux

Ozzie of New Jersey in Red X-treme

Loki of Virginia in Camo

Petunia of Vermont on
Santa's Lap wearing Red Bones

The Bullard girls, Pebbles, Peaches and Budha of New York
all decked out in their Fuschia Pink Sun-Shiney Day Hoodies

Luigi of Santa Rosa, CA in Red Paws

Kady and Napster aka: Napolean
from Sacramento, Ca

Molly, a King Charles
Cavalier Spaniel in Pug-Up

Tut from Brook Park Ohio
sporting the red X-treme

Little Audrey from La Cañada, CA
adorable in her Sun-Shiney Day Hoodie

Jade of Maryland
wearing Snowy Leopard

Daisy in Queen of Sheeba
Pugsley in Red Paws & Arnold in Holiday Pug,
the McFarland trio from NY

Pebbles, a little rescue
pug from Santa Rosa, CA

Chester of the UK in his
new Adventure Camo.

Raider won !st place at
an event in Del Mar, CA.

Quincy from New York wearing
her Fuschia Sun-Shiney Day Hoodie.

T-Bone from Buffalo NY cozy in
Cobalt Blue Pug Snuggly X-Treme.

Niña from Bel Marin Keys, CA.
sporting Pug Snuggly Extreme

Chocolate Mousse of Mountain View, CA

Pelouche of Texas

Dixie, Bubba and Jake the Peke
from Harleysville, PA.

Little Rossi from Australia

Abby from Santa Rosa CA.

Hunter from Plano, Texas
sporting Adventure Camo

Gus from Minnesota in Red Paws

Kess, a French Bulldog in
"Queen of Sheeba"

Kaos, a mini schnauzer wearing
the Pug Snuggly X-Treme

Pugsly Green in Red Bones

Budha Bullard of NY

Pebbles Bullard of NY

Peaches Bullard of NY

Gizmo a Manchester Terrier
in Winter Tiger

Jett and Yogi with a friend

Zoe from New Brunswick
in his Holiday Pug

"We're happy and cozy
in our Holiday Pugs"

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so please send us your favorite picture!

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