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Absolutely wonderful!! The product exceeds, far exceeds, the description and pictures on the web site. My dog is so happy!!! I am so happy!! She wants to wear her pugsnuggly all the time!! Wonderful product, wonderful company, cannot recommend high enough!! Supreme satisfaction. Quick delivery--everything is great! Wish all my shopping transactions were so wonderful!
~ Excellent Rating,
Melanie Cervantes,



Oh My Gosh,
I got the Snugglys today that I ordered for my grand-pugs Buster and Maggie and I can hardly wait to see those babies in their new coats. They are just precious and so nicely made, good quality and lovely fabric. Thanks so much.

~ Connie



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Photo Gallery ~ 2007

Rhoda and Marlee are asking Santa for more Pug Snugglys

Oliver of El Sobrante

Tyler of El Sobrante

Ernie of El Sobrante

Spike of Maryland

Lola Reiss of New Jersey

Sweet Pea of Fairfax

Chanel Pit Boxer Mix in Snowy Leopard

Bear Lucky Winner of the Rhinestone Leash

15 year old Max of Menlo Park, CA

Murphy the 4 pound Chihuahua

"Bug" of Midland Texas striking a pose!

Curli of Maryland in her very first
Pug Snuggly - The Snowy Leopard.

Vivian Garramone of NY

Rupert Garramone of NY

Bianca and Rambo Caruso of NJ

Madera a Golden Retriever of BMK, CA

Bull of Alaska, a Boston Terrier who
only wears Pug Snuggly® By YOGI.

Nova in Red Paws and
Halley in Winer Noah

Princess Daisy in her "new" Luxurious
Pink Pug Snuggly with matching helmet

George, rockin' the Snuggly
in the U.P. of Michigan

Duffrin, who would not wear anything less than
a Pug Snuggly By YOGI on his Mama's wedding day!

Duffrin in the snow in
Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Mr. Pickles, a Frenchie from
Santa Cruz, CA wearing Hawaii Blues

Dodge loves his Winter Noah

Miss Sally Bobbins, 15 years young from
the Isle of Man. UK in Snowy Leopard

Diesel of Walla Walla WA
in Blue X-Treme

Roxie and Blue of Rohnert Park, CA
in Hot Lips and Little Boy Blue

Scrum of Pleasant Hill, CA
sporting Adventure Camo

Speck a Min. Pin of
Half Moon Bay, CA in Pug-Up

Nick the Boston Terrier
of Roseville, CA in Camo

Lola Gregg of NY

Little Tank and Max of Mill Valley
Elvis, Lucy and StevieRay Kirkbride all wearing their "Have a Heart" necklaces.

Gracie Ray Baker of Kentucky in Red Paws

Mason of Canada in Red X-treme

Ruby of Conneticut in Blue X-treme

Rico from New York in Red Paws

Lucky Joe of Mass in his
"Elvis" pleather jacket

Clarice of Charlotte NC in Sun Shiney Day

Caesar from New York cozy in Blue X-treme

Yodel, also from New York in Winter Noah

Ricky the Maltese in
Red Paws Pitter-Patter Puppy

A Minature Terrier in a Little X-treme Red

A Little Chihuahua in a Little Aloha

Georgie from Nevada City in Native Loon

Tasha in Snowy Leopard

Diva wearing "Have a Heart" Necklace

Percy and Magilla having fun

Woody from Ohio in Winter Noah

Dory from Chelmsford MA
loves her "Winter Noah"

Charlie, a King Charles Spaniel
from Houston Texas in Pug-Up

Ruby of Ny - Her mama requested Ruby's
X-treme in red/blk to match her slippers

Reggie from Bel Marin Keys, CA

We would love to see more of your fabulous photos,
so please send us your favorite picture!

Please send to info@pugsnuggly.com.

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