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"Excellent customer service! Great communication! Products arrived even sooner than I expected! Pug Snugglys are not only great looking, they're functional and they fit my Puggies perfectly! These coats are super-warm in cold weather and easy to get on and off! Love the products and love the service!"

Tami Hoy of Indiana


"Lola looks darling in her little coat. Fits like a glove too. A Diva in the making!"

Denise Mira of New York


" I purchased a Red X-Treme for my 7 yr old Pug, Martha. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat; and the fit was excellent. Pugs are hard to fit unless the clothing is made specifically for them, which this is. Martha LOVES this coat and likes to wear it even in the house; sort of like a security blanket. Overall, I am very happy with this company. I will definitely purchase another coat from them."

Elizabeth Albritton of Atlanta, GA

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Photo Gallery ~ 2008
Happy Customers from Across the World

Meet some of the smiling faces wearing their favorite
Pug Snuggly® By YOGI
Some lucky Pugs own more than one!

Rhonda and Marlee of Sacramento, CA wish you all a Pug Snuggly Christmas

Savanna, Yogi's "LITTLE" sister

Mac the Shi Tzu and Pugsley of CT

Chopper Finnegan of Richmond, Indiana

Oscar Crossman of Tonbridge, UK

Princess Daisy and Annabelle from CA

Remy a Havanese of Novato CA

Ken of Novato, CA

Leila of Novato, CA

Yoshi of East Texas

Nigel of Quincy, MA

Benito from New Jersey

Sadie and Zena of Novato

Scrappy Jack of KY is a
Rescue Puppy

Othello Matthews of Palm Harbor FL

Molly & Otis of New York

Wotan, a rescue pug knee deep in Swiss snow

Riley the Boston of VA

Annie of Barks & Bubbles, Santa Rosa CA

Olga of Jacksonville Florida

Priscilla a Pit Bull Mix of Bel Marin Keys

Mya and Kizzy from the United Kingdom

Ollie of Arlington MA

Tinkerbell of Novato in Valentina Leopard

Pepe of Manchester, United Kingdom

Walter of Ohio

Gizmo, a French Pug of San Diego

Rambo of Bel Marin Keys, CA

Phoebe of Rohnert Park -
1 lb 6 oz with her new jacket on!

Oscar Zolot of Massachusetts

Pooka of Menlo Park CA

Lani and Lucy on their Scrappy Bed

Polly of Corte Madera 12 yrs young

Fenway the Pug, CA

Guapo of Novato, CA

A little white Chihuahua
of Novato, CA

One Pound 5 oz JJ the
Chihuahua of San Rafael CA

Boston at Pet Fair in Hot Lips Pink

Winnie of Belvedere CA

Lucy of Rohnert Park, CA
wearing her Tropical Rain Hoodie

Kiwi the Chihuahua of Pleasanton, CA

Yogi the Chihuahua

Zeke of Petaluma, CA

Cookie from Bel Marin Keys, CA

Gunner of Novato loves his Gough Nut Toy

Puggles a Boston Terrier from Charlotte, NC

Detour and Gabby of CA
wearing their Sailor Bandanas

Little Sumo from San Francisco, CA

Milky, a mini-Maltese from Novato CA
in Flag Day Pug Snuggly

Pugsley of Novato gets ready
for the 4th of July parade

Detour, an American
Cocker Spaniel of Novato

Gus of Minnesota in
Flag Day Pug Snuggly

Xena and Sadie, Welsh Corgis
of S.F. all dressed for the 4th of July

Isabella, a Tea Cup Chihuahua
from Novato, CA

Daisy Zigweid from Kirkland, WA

Pelouche on the beach in Texas

Peggy loves her Pug Snuggly

Bandit of Bel Marin Keys, CA

Simon Brindley of Alberta Canada

Izzy Bean McDougall of VA

Tito of Novato, Ca

Blaze of Novato, CA

Remington, the Great Dane of Novato

Pixie of BMK, Ca wearing
4th of JULY 08

Vicki Smart and her Pug Fifi Magee

Kiya Orlowski staying cozy in the
snow wearing a Red X-Treme

Dudley from Australia cute
as a button in Red Paws

Rocky from Norway feeling
tropical in Hawaii Blues

Ginger and Piper Rossi

Spud of Maryland in his
rain hoodie w/Reflective Paw Print

Petunia from Mt. View
requesting the paw print patch

JiJi is a Papillion

The Budenz Bunch is made up of two Pugs,
a pekinese and a greyhound

Guinness Mancino of New Jersey
in his very first Pug Snuggly

Midge and Barbie of Camarillo, CA,
adorable in red dogs

Max the Great Dane of Novato ,CA

Suzy in the Iowa snow

Lady Mae Patterson of MA

Yoda of Pennsylvania in his 1st Pug Snuggly

Molly of Castro Valley

Mack of Castro Valley

Buddy of Kentucky

Oliver of Snohomish, WA

We would love to see more of your fabulous photos,
so please send us your favorite picture!

Please send to info@pugsnuggly.com.

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