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"Excellent customer service! Great communication! Products arrived even sooner than I expected! Pug Snugglys are not only great looking, they're functional and they fit my Puggies perfectly! These coats are super-warm in cold weather and easy to get on and off! Love the products and love the service!"

Tami Hoy of Indiana


"Lola looks darling in her little coat. Fits like a glove too. A Diva in the making!"

Denise Mira of New York


" I purchased a Red X-Treme for my 7 yr old Pug, Martha. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat; and the fit was excellent. Pugs are hard to fit unless the clothing is made specifically for them, which this is. Martha LOVES this coat and likes to wear it even in the house; sort of like a security blanket. Overall, I am very happy with this company. I will definitely purchase another coat from them."

Elizabeth Albritton of Atlanta, GA

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Photo Gallery 2009
comes to an end with a winter white playground!

Bob the Bulldog and Norbert Dutcher of NY

SUKI Levine of PA

MILO Levine of PA

Apollo of Brooklyn NY

Beckett Guthrie of MA

BEAR Aldrich of Cape Cod

Pepe Homer of the UK

JOY of CA, AKA: Rasta Dog
is wearing a custom made collar

Chloe Girard of NH

Bubbles Heider of IL

Dusty Anisin the Chihuahua modeling his custom bow tie we made for him for a Xmas party.

Mei Li Windsor of CA

Jake Volek of Arizona

Marcus Vincent The Bischon PA

Lilly Hatter of MI

Timmy Thorington of NY

Tiger Hyslop of Florida

Puccini a Frenchie from Mill Valley CA

Smokey Shaclock
of PA

Shaclock of PA

Paisley Shaclock
of PA

Vals Pals from Colorado

Frank Broomfield of the United Kingdom

Henry,Mollie and Bogey Brown of RI

Clark and Addison of Illinois

Jax Ginger of CO

Carly Edwards of Virginia

Gizmo Mohn a Frenchie of Kansas

Dozer of Tiburon,CA

Daisy Thulin of MA

Peaches Bullard of NY

Pooh Bear Bullard of NY

Budha Bullard of NY

Xerxes and Ludwig Hayes of Novato

Lilly & Wrigley Golden of Larkspur, CA

Daisy and Jasmine Thulin of Millbury MA

Curli and Mickey Diatz of MD

Abby and Libby of Camarillo CA

Hannah from 18k Cockers of Novato CA

Gracie of Bel Marin Keys CA

Sharky of Novato CA

Savanna in her Swamp Cooler

Larson Bunch of Missouri

Haily of Massachusetts

Billy Idol and
Charlie Bean

Diva from Canada

Zepplin, a Chihuahua is sporting a custom cut "Green Pug Snuggly" made of Bamboo fabric

Pearl and Jade of Canada

Nigel in Red Pug Foo

Queenie Lilli Holland of La Mesa, CA

Candy and Razor of Colorado

Piper Zimon of Canada

Nutmeg of CA under cover

NIgel of MA being coy in Pug Foo II

Tootsie Stewart of CA

Henry of Livermore

Murphy of CA

Uma of Novato, CA

Bruno Wilder of Monterey, CA

Nicky Noo-Noo of MA

Lucy Riga of NY

Lucy a Mini Dachsund of CA

Teddy Webb of Gilroy CA headed for Westminster

Miles Hassell of Tampa FL

Jo-Shu, a chocolate American Cocker
from Palm Desert CA

Pessa Lucarelli of CT

Beebee Fong of CA

Scrum, a Boston from CA
in Woodland Camo

Ginger the Aussie of CA

Tillbrook bunch of New York

The Tillbrooks of New York

Tillbrook Boys of New York

Harvey Vozzolo of Canada

Ali and Char Char Tillbrook of NY

Beckies and Princess Moo Moo of Canada

Cate Gallo,Princeton NJ

Nigel in the snow from MA

Sophie Wilson of Portland OR

George and Cajun of Sault St Marie, MI

Cajun Lyon of Michigan

Scrum the Boston, Chloe the Med Pug, Kiwi the Chihuahua and Murphy the little Chihuahua.

We would love to see more of your fabulous photos,
so please send us your favorite picture!

Please send to info@pugsnuggly.com.

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