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"Excellent customer service! Great communication! Products arrived even sooner than I expected! Pug Snugglys are not only great looking, they're functional and they fit my Puggies perfectly! These coats are super-warm in cold weather and easy to get on and off! Love the products and love the service!"

Tami Hoy of Indiana


"Lola looks darling in her little coat. Fits like a glove too. A Diva in the making!"

Denise Mira of New York


" I purchased a Red X-Treme for my 7 yr old Pug, Martha. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat; and the fit was excellent. Pugs are hard to fit unless the clothing is made specifically for them, which this is. Martha LOVES this coat and likes to wear it even in the house; sort of like a security blanket. Overall, I am very happy with this company. I will definitely purchase another coat from them."

Elizabeth Albritton of Atlanta, GA

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Photo Gallery 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Cook Clan with Santa at the Rude Ranch Rescue Fundraiser in Maryland.
LeeLoo of Gramercy Cellars Winery in Walla Walla WA
LeeLoo of Gramercy Cellars Winery in Walla Walla WA, Winner of the Working Pug Award

Peattie Gabriau of MI

Tony Stewart of Canada

Miss Pickles Terry of Colorado

Deeva Ramos Sacramento CA

Puggy of the UK dashing in Blue X-treme

Bella Jones of Sebastopol Ca

LuLu Taylor of Wiltshire UK

Roxy Boad Warwickshire UK

Penny Banta of Maine

Ruby Brown of CT

Darla Brown of CT

Nacho Goulbourne of Ohio

YAO Ming of IL

Igor Hertenstein of Ohio

Henry Vien of Livermore CA

Lily Huang of MD

Otis of Bristow, Virginia

Otis Hansen of VA

Mo Kelly of Ireland

Bunty Dodsworth of UK

Smith Girls of Maine

Napolean Callus of Santa Barbara CA

Cricket, Tuna and Fig
Alamuddin of Novato CA

Willie B and Wild Pickles
of Oakland, CA

Cricket, Tuna and Fig
Alamuddin of Novato CA

Dolly Jones of the UK

Jackson Hernandez of CA

Humperdink of Las Vegas

Bamboo of Las Vegas

Debby Diatz of MD with Curly and Mikey

Walter in Baby Blue Beaver

Nicky Noo-Noo in a
Personalized Chilly Beanie

Here is Nicky Noo-Noo of Massachusettes
in Yogi's After Bath Spa Wear

Brady of Vermont

Archie Gallagher of WA

Napolean Callus in Swamp Cooler
Santa Barbara CA

Butterina McDonald of Canada
She is wearing "Butterina"
By YOGI for Halloween

CoCo of Novato, CA

Nellie of Rhodie's in Clayton

Felony Gonzales of San Rafael CA

Bailey of Sacramento
napping his jammies

Spencer Wiltshire of the UK

Chloe a Frenchie from San Francisco

Sami Hua of New Jersey

Winchester and Smokin Joe Baines
from Novato, CA

Rocky from Alaska
in Bull's first Pug Snuggly

Paula Arend

Penny Arend

Pamela Arend

Benji of San Rafael in his jammies

Hanna & Sadie Mae

Mac of Cranberry PA

Suki & Milo Levine of PA

Lexi Funk of Alabama

Prissy Funk of Alabama

RAZZY Lindsey
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

ERNIE Lindsey
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

KASEY Lindsey
Kentuckian Pug Rescue

VIOLET Lindsey
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

BUGSY Lindsey
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

Scrum of CA

Bullard Girls of NY

Spunky of Decatur IL

Pugsley Matorin of NY

Porky and NOO NOO of MA

Boo Boo Storey of VA

Diamond and Pearl Webster Marina CA

Bull of Alaska in X-Treme
Jacket and X-treme Chilly Beanie

Trudy Hubbard of Rhode Island

Ollie Dallas of West Virginia

Milo Picker of MO

Lexi Bonomo San Mateo, CA

Roxy Cross of VA

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so please send us your favorite picture!

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