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"I ordered a coat and harness for my little pug after seeing Pug Snuggly's website and am thrilled with the quality of the products, the excellent fit and fashion, and the customer service.

My order arrived very quickly - much faster than I expected - and in perfect condition, neatly wrapped in tissue paper inside the package. I have already ordered again from Pug Suggly - just days after receiving my first order. For anyone who owns a pug and is looking for a stylish, warm, super-easy to put on/take off coat - this is the place to go! Most "doggy-clothes" won't fit the unique pug physique but these clothes are made specifically for them (and will work for French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers too!).I highly recommend this merchant!"

Diane Barry


"Excellent customer service! Great communication! Products arrived even sooner than I expected! Pug Snugglys are not only great looking, they're functional and they fit my Puggies perfectly! These coats are super-warm in cold weather and easy to get on and off! Love the products and love the service!"

Tami Hoy of Indiana


"Lola looks darling in her little coat. Fits like a glove too. A Diva in the making!"

Denise Mira of New York


" I purchased a Red X-Treme for my 7 yr old Pug, Martha. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat; and the fit was excellent. Pugs are hard to fit unless the clothing is made specifically for them, which this is. Martha LOVES this coat and likes to wear it even in the house; sort of like a security blanket. Overall, I am very happy with this company. I will definitely purchase another coat from them."

Elizabeth Albritton of Atlanta, GA

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Laurie and Bull of Alaska

Raisin Keaton of Memphis TN

Oliver and Harry Holmes of CO with dad

Yogi Bear of AZ

Yogi Bear AZ opens his box

Rose Harris of Folsom CA

Cricket Vouchilas of CA

Penny Libellule of NC

Dudley Barry of Rochester NY

Bella Fron of CT

Pyro Fron of CT

Mei Li Jackson of GA

Moo Hewitt of the UK

Spike Tieu of Alberta
Canada in Polar Pup

Spike Tieu of Alberta
Canada in his custom x-treme

Jelly Bean of New Hampshire

Jewel and Petunia of New Hampshire

Bella Pierce of MD

Bella and Bantha Pierce of MD

Bantha Pierce of MD

Donut Lopez of Los Angeles CA

Chloe Williams of Cotati Ca

Tatum and Chloe Williams of Cotati Ca

PJ Romanski of NJ

Blanche DuBois of Raleigh NC

Ben and Jeri Williams of Essex UK

Beanpot in his custom made top hat

Ruby Matthews of the UK

Betty Diatz of MD

Roxie of San Francisco, CA

Lola Brenneman of Texas

Oogie Pirie of NYC

Lucy Williamson of NH

Oscar and Dolly Jones of the UK

Isabella Bruzga is a "Frenchie" from PA

Vlad Stauffer of New Mexico

Leif and Dudley of the Eastcoast

Sookie Meeker of OH

Beatrice of Santa Rosa

Loki Stauffer New Mexico

Dudley B of the Eastcoast

Dudley B of the Eastcoast

Leif B of the Eastcoast

Napoleon and Clancy by the Eiffel Tower

Ricky of Novato CA

Pepper Nadeau of Holyoke MA

Dana the Doberman Mill Valley CA

Chula of Novato

Oscar Zolot of MA in his XS Swamp Cooler

Dolly Jones of the UK

Dolly Jones of the UK in
Chocolate Truffle Hoodie

Napolean Callus of
Santa Barbara as Napolean

Eppy Ward of MD

Aretha and Harrison Johnson of CO

Mugzy Rohrbach of WI

Annie Brown of Oregon

Ella of Santa Barbara

Misha of Sebastopol CA

Jack Funk of AL

Coco Cobb of Windsor

Mario of Santa Rosa CA

Omar Silbergeld of MD

Under and Willie Vetters
of Oakland CA

Little Super Bowl Starlet, Oko Nono,
wearing our "Bamboo Dragon"

A Happy Little Customer

Tucker Gmiterek Manitoba Canada

Ruby & Darla of Sausalito CA

Nigel Moore of Quincy MA

Darla Ransley of CA

Cole Longo of MASS

Jazzy from Bel Marin Keys, Ca

GIO Giornata of CT

Bella Giornata of CT

Lola Dooley of Washington

Tansley Girls of Essex UK

Dexter Smith of West Yorkshire UK

Stitch Vouchilas Davis CA

Mya of St Ives UK

Lolli of St Ives UK

Kizzy of St Ives UK

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