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"I ordered a coat and harness for my little pug after seeing Pug Snuggly's website and am thrilled with the quality of the products, the excellent fit and fashion, and the customer service.

My order arrived very quickly - much faster than I expected - and in perfect condition, neatly wrapped in tissue paper inside the package. I have already ordered again from Pug Suggly - just days after receiving my first order. For anyone who owns a pug and is looking for a stylish, warm, super-easy to put on/take off coat - this is the place to go! Most "doggy-clothes" won't fit the unique pug physique but these clothes are made specifically for them (and will work for French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers too!).I highly recommend this merchant!"

Diane Barry


"Excellent customer service! Great communication! Products arrived even sooner than I expected! Pug Snugglys are not only great looking, they're functional and they fit my Puggies perfectly! These coats are super-warm in cold weather and easy to get on and off! Love the products and love the service!"

Tami Hoy of Indiana


"Lola looks darling in her little coat. Fits like a glove too. A Diva in the making!"

Denise Mira of New York


" I purchased a Red X-Treme for my 7 yr old Pug, Martha. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat; and the fit was excellent. Pugs are hard to fit unless the clothing is made specifically for them, which this is. Martha LOVES this coat and likes to wear it even in the house; sort of like a security blanket. Overall, I am very happy with this company. I will definitely purchase another coat from them."

Elizabeth Albritton of Atlanta, GA

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"May All the Little Pugs of the World Always Be Held with Love and Warmed with a Pug Snuggly By YOGI"

Lexi Bonomo of Ca

Clodia Owensby of WA

Zac and Ozzie Frost of Essex UK
Jackson and Rosie Ollcott DC
Jackson and Rosie of Ollcott DC
Roly Poly Renshaw OR
Roly Poly Renshaw of OR
Josephine and Lola Hinegardner AZ
Josephine and Lola Hinegardner of AZ
Olivia and Ramona Gillin MA
Olivia and Ramona of Gillin MA
Boo Hamilton MN
Boo Hamilton of MN
Ace and Boo Hamilton MN
Ace and Boo Hamilton of MN
Pinky Price of PA
Ruby Price of PA
Lexi Bonomo San Mateo CA
Lexi Bonomo of San Mateo CA
Augie Charnonneau Ontario Canada
Augie Charnonneau of Ontario Canada
Tidbit Broaddus CO
Tidbit Broaddus of CO
Bocci Hall Los Gatos CA
Bocci Hall of Los Gatos CA
Bella Hall Los Gatos CA
Bella Hall of Los Gatos CA
Maximus Krueman PA
Maximus Krueman of PA
Chica Vermuelen The Netherlands
Chica Vermuelen of the Netherlands
Dudley Barry NY
Dudley Barry of NY
Doug the Pug McKenzie of Happy Valley OR
Doug the Pug McKenzie of Happy Valley OR

Kwatsi and Illa of Loxton Toluca Lake CA
Kwatsi and Illa of Loxton Toluca Lake CA
Kwatsi and Illa of Loxton Toluca Lake CA
Mario Soring PA
Mario Soring of PA
Lilly Trump of Santa Clara CA
Lilly Trump of Santa Clara CA
Mingooch DeMauro Commack NY
Mingooch of NY
CHLOE Lindsey of Louisville Kentucky
Chloe Lindsey of Louisville Kentucky
Oso Mather Shakopee MN
Oso Mather of Shakopee MN
Nigel Moore Quincy MA
Nigel Moore of Quincy MA

Opal of Memphis TN

Chloe Majlessi of
Washington DC

Lola OConnor of NY

Bella Wynne of MA

Penny Burr of Pine Grove CA

Payton Boostrom of Chicago IL

Tina Pug Barrett of Texas

Porkchop Yuen of San Francisco CA

Jake Montana

Romeo Champagne of Canada

Angus Quinn Toronto Canada

Bunny DiFrancesco

Lucy, Ellie and Dad Tehan Moscow Russia

MuMu the Boston in Sailor Pug Snuggly

Boo Heywood of Australia

Cheerio Seydel of Colorado

Nixie Franklin of North Highlands, CA

Monty Cochrane of Cranberra Australia

Beckett of San Francisco, CA

Penny Pazin of Cambridge, MA

Pugsley Mcmahon of Australia

Sumo Rogers of South Australia

Sophie Hennessey of Las Vegas

Conner, Nikki, Freddie & Sawyer
of Cornett KS

Kaylee & Ellie, Christierson Boxers from CA

Kaylee & Ellie back view

Put Put of Canada Preppy Pink

Norton Bicknese of New York

Rocco Oates of Scotland

Rosey Gibson Seattle WA

Princess Daisy of El Sobrante CA

Princess Daisy in Little Luxury

Leo Burmeister of Iowa

Parker and Pugsley Richard of WI

Keiko Bassle of VA

Fred Hodges of IL

Winston Miller of MN

Stella Baxter of NY

Bogart Sievert of MN

Santiago and Casius Cairol of NY

Samantha Brugel of PA

Samson Fellini of Brooklyn NY

Ramona Quimby of MA

Capt. Chunky of Texas

Knuckles Walker of Chicago IL

Pumpkin Flynn of VA

Marlee Drake of Sacramento, CA

Flora Lyman-Olszewski of MA

Jagger Dias of San Jose, CA

Eloise Sievert ofNY

Megnus MacLeod of Alberta Canada

Jax Gyger of CO

Maggie Purnell of WA

Archie Cannon of DE

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