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Absolutely amazing online store. The customer service is second to none, with great communication from start to finish. Doe, you're the best!! The products are beautifully made with wonderful fabrics and trimiings. My pug Dexter refused to let me take off his new house coat! So I just had to buy another one! All the cloting fits my pug perfectly as though they were made to measure.

Well done to all a Pug Snuggly for getting it 100% right!

Angela Podro

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Ciccia Bashucki,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Penny Mazzenga, Lake Orion, MI

Lucy Crandle, Wyoming, MI

Pia Lepardo, West Roxbury, MA

Lucy Vanden Dries, Capistrano, CA

Frederick Bell, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Lucy Williamson, Nashua, NH

Yoda Raymond, Hanmer, Ontario

Yoda Raymond, Hanmer, Ontario

Winston Ferrier,
Boneyrigg, Edinburgh, U.K.

Florence Clayton,
Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Walter Clayton
Winchester, Hampshire, UK

In loving memory of
Lulu McFeaters, Boston, MA

Sassy McFeaters,
Boston, MA

Maui Haskew
Port Macquarie, Australia

Lilly Farley, San Marino, CA

Max White, Crewe, Chesire,
United Kingdom

Max White, Crewe, Chesire,
United Kingdom


Margo Hay, Cambridgeshire, UK

Sumo Rogers, South Australia


Otis Seale, Boston, MA

Enzo Friedman, Long Beach, NY

Bugsy Markovic, Melbourne, Australia

Lola Lucas, London, England

Zeus Kupper, Mission, TX

Spud Kupper, Mission, TX

Gracie Gallo, Princeton, NJ

Puggles & Reggie Thompson,
Barrington, RI

Dexter Podro, Doncaster,
South Yorkshire, UK

Oobs & Dude Freeman,
Redondo Beach, CA

Daisy Ripley, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Lulu Campanella, Robinson, IL

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