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Hi Doe,
Here are a few photos of our Pugs wearing Pug Snugglies. These are just a few of the Pug Snugglies we have gotten over the years. Guess you might say I'm one very satisfied customer.
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... Last, but definitely not least, is Princess Daisy. The outfit she is wearing was made by Jett. Daisy was born without working elbows and can get around fine in her own way, but we decided early on to have her trained to use a cart.  She took to it very fast and can maneuver it easily in tight situations.  She is very outgoing and a ham, so she now is a therapy dog.  My husband takes her to the V.A. hospital near us where she visits the vets.  They love her and relate to her because many of them also are in wheelchairs.  Linda
Here's Harley in his new Snuggy!
Love it!! Thanks. Christy
Harley loves this!  It fits great and soo soft!  Thanks!
Hopefully you've got the photos there not brilliant as she won't keep still but will try again!!! Nelly loves her snuggly & so do we so were all happy bunnies !! Thank you again, no doubt we'll be ordering another one!! xx Jackie
Hi Doe!
I recently ordered a Seattle Gray Day Buster for my boyfriend's Pug, Fletch. He was very excited to open it at Christmas and it fit perfectly when he tried it on.  Fletch goes limper than a sack of potatoes when it's raining and he has to be taken out but now he'll stay warm and dry. The only trouble now is that we aren't having much of a Winter here in Southern California. It's been in the 70's most days but we're hoping for rain soon so Fletch can break in his new coat. Thank you for your quick shipping and quality product! I will definitely be ordering Fletch's next jacket from Pug Snuggly. Thanks again! 
Carrie Sparks
Hi Doe, Here is a pic of my little girl Lucy in her new Snuggly. She loves it and so do I! Thanks so much. Sue
Oswin loves her new Pug Snuggly!  Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful product! Ruth Ostler, Washington, DC 
Dear Doe, Velma & Halo,
Just been for a walk by the beach today, in our lovely polar pups coats, they are so warm and cosy. Few pics enclosed.
Hope you are all well.
Love from, Georgie & Alfie, xx
Hi Doe,
Thanks for calling back, it was a pleasure talking with you...
Here’s a pic of our beautiful boy – RUDY....attached.
Will try to place our order tomorrow....
Thanks again,