Size Guide

Standard Sizes
Small: Neck 14" Waist 20- 21" Length 13"
Medium:  Neck 15" Waist 22" Length 14"
Large: Neck 16" Waist 22- 24" Length 15"
Measurement Guide
For all measurements, tape measure is pulled to a comfortable tension -- snug but not tight.
Patented design allows for breathing room at the neck and variations in exact neck measurement.
Actual circumference of the neck on the coat is bigger than the pug's neck measurement.
Around the mid-section, the coat attaches with a Velcro strap and can be adjusted tighter or looser.
  • Neck: measure where you would naturally place a collar
  • Waist: measure around the mid-section/half way between the front and back legs -- still on the rib cage, not on the tapered part of the trunk
  • Length: measure from between shoulder blades to base of tail

Not just for pugs ... 

Lydia Deets: Neck 9" Waist 13" Length 10"
Percy: Neck 14" Waist 22" Length 14 Libby & Abby: size large  Lucy: Neck 10" Waist 17" Length 13"
If your dogs' measurements don't match up with Pug Snuggly's three standard sizes ... no worries!! We will be happy to create a custom pattern.
Custom cut coats are final.  Allow 3-5 days to ship. 
All orders ship from Portland or Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.